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aeg appliances

Meridien Interiors are proud to be a premier partner for AEG Appliances. AEG is relentless in its pursuit of always being an idea ahead. In 2017 they are celebrating 130 years of bringing innovation into your home. Merging intelligent technology with responsive design by following the vision and design philosophy of AEG’s Peter Behrens – perfection in form and function. They will continue innovating and are committed to carrying their legacy into the future.

aeg appliances

AEG Appliances – Ovens

The oven is a key component of any kitchen. There are a few factors to consider when looking for a new oven that best suits your needs. The space available, the types of cooking you prefer and your cleaning habits all influence which oven you should select. We supply a huge range of AEG ovens, a small selection below. Visit to see their full range.

aeg appliances dorset
aeg appliances

AEG Appliances – Cooker Hoods

Today we spend more and more of our time in our kitchens, particularly when entertaining guests. So getting the right cooker hood is more important than ever. AEG’s award-winning cooker hoods don’t just keep your air fresh and clean, but also enhance your kitchen’s design and ambience. All of AEG cooker hoods remove steam and vapours from your kitchen, fast. But that’s where the similarities end. You can choose a hood that perfectly complements your taste. You can see a small collection of the cooker hoods AEG supply below. To view the full range we can supply visit

aeg appliances
aeg appliances

AEG Appliances – Washer Dryers

It’s time to care more for the clothes that mean something to us. AEG washing machines keep clothes feeling like new. Even those one-of-a-kind pieces that are more than just a fabric. AEG washing machines provide incredible gentleness and superb washing results using the least energy. AEG’s SensiDry® technology takes care of your complete wardrobe, harnessing its advanced heat pump technology for low temperatures and controlled drum movements. Giving you complete confidence that your clothing will retain its shape and condition, wear after wear. Below is a small sample of the washers and dryers AEG has to offer. To see the full range we can supply visit

aeg appliances

AEG Appliances with Meridien Interiors

This is only a small example of the huge range of the appliances AEG has to offer. They can supply the appliances for your whole kitchen, from hobs to fridge freezers. Get in touch with us to discuss what AEG appliances you want in your kitchen or visit the AEG website

We are proud to be a premier partner with AEG. Inside every AEG appliance, you’ll find intelligent technology and responsive design, guaranteeing you exceptional performance and results time after time. You’ll discover that one touch redefines what’s possible at home. AEG design their appliances around you – putting you in complete control and guaranteeing exceptional performance and results. Time after time.

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