Egger Laminate Worktops

The choice of worktop is increasingly the starting point of a kitchen scheme. With the increased popularity of open plan living and island units, the worktop has grabbed centre stage. How it then combines with the other furniture such as doors, end panels, shelving and flooring is crucial. Eggers Contemporary resource of worktops has been developed to coordinate with the latest colour tones in kitchen design. Egger are uniquely positioned to do this because they produce the worktop as well as the materials that are used in other areas of the kitchen, such as doors and end panels, giving you the resources to achieve a coordinated look. You will find both rustic and exotic woodgrains, cool stones and urban finishes alongside expert design thinking to bring your space to life.  


Egger Laminate Worktops – With many people opting for plain colours in many areas of their kitchen, such as for doors, it gives greater scope for the worktop to be more expressive. The trend is increasingly toward more authentic, weathered looking or textured woodgrain designs. Knots and cracks, traditionally considered an imperfection or fault, are now seen as a desirable design feature.
egger laminate worktops
Natural Carini Walnut
egger laminate worktops
Natural Hickory
H3303 ST10 Natural Arlington Oak
Natural Arlington Oak
H1146 ST10 Grey Bardolino Oak
Grey Bardolino Oak
Egger laminate worktops
Truffle Riverside Oak
H3012 ST22 Coco Bolo
Coco Bolo
Egger laminate worktop
Mali Wenge
H3420 ST36 Thermo Pine
Thermo Pine
H3450 ST36 White Fleetwood
White Fleetwood
H3452 ST36 Graphite Fleetwood
Graphite Fleetwood
H1486 ST36 Jackson Pine
Jackson Pine

Stone & Ceramic

Egger Laminate Worktops – The deep textures, realistic gloss levels and subtle tactile finishes are what make our decors authentic and true to solid work surfaces. Stone, concrete and metal can be prohibitively expensive and impractical. These authentic looks can be recreated with Egger worktops to transform your ideas into reality.
F283 ST22 Boston Concrete
Boston Concrete
F334 ST70 Avalon Cream
Avalon Cream
F080 ST82 Pegasus White
Pegasus White
F081 ST82 Pegasus Anthracite
Pegasus Anthracite
F133 ST82 Trento Grey Beige
Trento Grey Beige
F326 ST82 Isodora Beige
Isodora Beige
F293 ST82 Tivoli Anthracite
Tivoli Anthracite
F040 ST82 Black Granite
Black Granite
F312 ST87 Ceramic Chalk
Ceramic Chalk
F311 ST87 Ceramic Anthracite

Ceramic Anthracite

F091 ST87 Archetipo Terra
Archetipo Terra
F222 ST87 Tessina Terra
Tessina Terra
W1000 ST89 Premium White
Premium White
U702 ST89 Cashmere


U999 ST89 Black