First Impressions ensure all their products are made from the finest materials in Europe, crafted to the highest standards and finished by skilled painters to ensure your kitchen has a striking effect.


First Impressions


Abberly design stands the test of time. Elegant and fresh, the raised and fielded centre panel and smooth painted finish ensure that Abberley is a modern classic. It will suit today’s modern home.



The coolness of Aconbury evokes a pure and contemporary feel- a calming backdrop for the hub of the home. The range adapts a minimalist feel, incorporating a handle into the 22mm thick doors. The Acornbury is sleek and streamlined with high functionality.


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Whether you like a contemporary feel or traditional look, the Baystone will suit your kitchen. It’s simple design means you can adapt the in-frame style to create the perfect syle for your kitchen.


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A modern twist on the classic shaker style with uncompromising design options, Allowing yu to create an unmistakably attractive room.


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Eildon blends the traditional and intrinsic elegance of the in-frame with the inherent strength of ash to produce furniture with is both durable and beautiful.



Farringdon is perfect for the smaller kitchen. Its simple colour chioce means you can create a light and airy kitchen. Perfect for classic and contemporary living spaces, the Farrigdon door is at home in any kitchen.
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Haddington is extremely versatile. Whether you go for Grey with a matte finish or light with a high-gloss finish, you can use the Haddington to create any look. You can shape the Haddington to fit your lifestyle.


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Halton gives you the ability to mix matte and gloss finishes within the same kitchen, meaning you can create your own stylish, ultr-modern look. The halton Matte Doors are stratch proof and resistant to marks, creating a durable kitchen, perfect for young families.


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Fresh, bright and complete with a brilliant mirror-like lacquered surface. Hambledown is simple in form yet beautifully versatile in design. You can add a stylish finish by adding colour-coordinated handles.


Hartside has the ability to sit and blend well within any type of household. Contemporary with its smooth painted finish, whilst bearing the mark of the traditional shaker style door. A wide range of accessories enable you to create a unique look for your kitchen.


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The Meldon Kitchen is a wonderful fusion of traditional materials and modern design. The individuality of each piece with its infintely varied grain is what makes it so special.


This solid oak shaker features a chamfered centre panel and full hight larder doors. A simple design that has a timeless feel and blends the beautiful quality of European craftsmanship with classic lines and a soft finish.
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Torberry features a recessed centre panel creating a frame-like impression. It is this soft framing which brings a sense of depth to the dorr and highlights the smooth, matte-painted finish.


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The Welford delivers style and interest with clean uninterrupted lines and rounded ends. Features such as the full height larder doors and bi-folding units allow for convenient storage management, while also adding great visual aspects to the kitchen.