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Perfectly combining culinary art and technological innovation

Miele Kitchen Appliances

Perfectly combining culinary art and technological innovation



Outstanding cooking results everytime with the Bosch range of ovens. Built from stable materials and tested for durabilty in endless stress tests.

Diolog Ovens

Designer Styling & functionality.



  •  M-Chef Menu – Allowing different foods to be cooked together.
  • Mobile Control – Stop & Start cooking from your smart phone.
  • Gentle Defrosting – Defrost food evenly and fast.
  • Gourmet Pro – Cook your dishes exactly as you like them.
  • Gourmet Assistant – Suggesting the right settings for cooking your food.


Miele Kitchen Appliances | Meridien Interiors | Fitted Kitchens | Dorset
Miele Kitchen Appliances | Meridien Interiors | Fitted Kitchens | Dorset

Steam Ovens

Allowing food to be cooked gently in steam. WIth hot steam flowing directly over and around the food, giving you healthy food with vitamins retained.


  • Clear Text display with sensor controls
  • Network enabled Wifi Appliances
  • Dual Steam
  • Automatic Programmes
  • Large oven compartment & trays.





Built In Ovens

Installed independently from the hob. Allowing for flexible positioning within the kitchen. For example they can be fitted at eye level for ease of use.


  • Easy Control – 7 Segment display with rotary controls
  • Perfect Clean Finish – Easy to clean
  • Touch Cool Fronts – Protect from burning
  • Clean Steel – Fewer fingerprints
  • Pryrolytic Cleaning – Heating the oven to reduce food debris to almost dust, just simply wipe away.
Miele Kitchen Appliances | Meridien Interiors | Fitted Kitchens | Dorset


A range of microwaves that offer ease of use and saving on personal time. Designed to equip the kitchen according to own personal tastes. Microwave ovens that are not just for re-heating and defrosting, a host of features that offer culinary wonders.


  • Quick Microwave – Maximum power at the touch of a button. Programme to suit your life, for example that last cup of tea before bed.
  • Stainless Steel oven compartment – Easy to clean and distributes perfect microwaves.
  • Easy Control – Touch control to operate the microwave oven quickly. With easy to wipe clean panel.
  • Combination Mode – Enables food to be cooked and browned at the same time.

Miele Kitchen Appliances – Cooker Hoods

The cooker hood is an integral part of the kitchen. Generally improving the kitchen air quality whilst also removing unwanted kitchen aromas.

Miele offer a wide range of designs for cooker hoods, including wall & island cooker hoods, ceiling extractors, built in cooker hoods and downdraft extraction systems.

Wall Mounted Cooker Hoods

Available in stainless steel of glass with a slanted screen.

Island Cooker Hoods

Being centre of the kitchen, an island cooker hood can be become a design feature.

Ceiling Extractors

Perfect for discreet installation above cooking islands. Ideal for open plan kitchen designs.

Built in Cooker Hoods 

Slimline design that offers discreet installation above cooking islands and under kitchen units.

Downdraft Extraction Systems

An extraction system that is fitted directly into the kitchen worktop. 




Miele Kitchen Appliances – Coffee Machines

Miele coffee machines mean you can enjoy quality coffee, made perfectly in the comfort of your own home. Choose from countertop or built in coffee machines for your kitchen.


A counter top coffee machine can be placed anywhere in the kitchen.

Built In

Available in either 35cm or 45cm high, these coffee machines can be installed in kitchen cabinets, combined with other Miele kitchen appliances.


  • Direct Sensor – Sensor controls
  • Cup Sensor – Perfect positioning
  • One Touch for 2 – 2 Cups of coffee at the touch of one button
  • Aromatic System Fresh – Freshly ground
  • Cleaning Programmes
  • Coffee / Tea pot functions – for more than one cup




Miele Kitchen Appliances | Meridien Interiors | Fitted Kitchens | Dorset
Miele Kitchen Appliances | Meridien Interiors | Fitted Kitchens | Dorset


Miele offer a range of dishwashers that give optimum convienece and perfect design harmony for the kitchen. Choose between free standing, semi intergrated and fully intergrated dishwashers.



  • Economical EU Energy efficiency class A +
  • Easy loading & unloading
  • Comfort Close – Easy to open and close, staying open in any position
  • Quick Power Wash – Perfect results in less than one hour
  • Height Adjustable upper baskets.

Cooling & Freezing

 A range of built in and free standing kitchen refridgeration appliances. With all refridgeration appliances including features that keep food fresh, freeze it, storing it all at the optimum conditions.

Free Standing

Impressive designer pieces that make a statement in the kitchen.

Built In

Fitted seamlessly into the kitchen design with a customised front.


  • Comfort Clean – Door shelves can be washed in the dishwasher
  • LED Lighting
  • High Efficiency
  • Easy Open – effortless opening of appliance door
  • Daily Fresh – large capacity drawers
  • FlexiLight – individual shelf lighting
  • Frost Free – No icing up of food and no need to defrost
  • Ice Maker – Fresh water connection to appliance means fresh ice cubes
  • Dyna Cool – Store food anywhere in the refridgerator
  • Vario Room – Freezer compartment can be increased in size
  • Super Cool – Food is cooled quickly.

* Features are dependent on choosen kitchen appliance model

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