Innovative kitchen appliances designed to fit in with modern kitchen life.

Neff Kitchen Appliances

Innovative kitchen appliances that are designed to fit in with modern life. 



Slide & Hide

The only oven available on the market with an oven door that slides away under the oven cavity.

Above all giving easier accessibility to the oven cavity, therefore allowing for more room in the kitchen.

The unique slide & hide door is not the only great feature to be found on the Neff Kitchen Appliances range of ovens.


This function has three moisture levels that let you add the correct amount of moisture to create that delicious roast, the perfect sponge cake and even reheating.

Pyrolytic Cleaning

Self cleaning oven at its finest. Enjoy a spotless oven at the touch of button.


Unique kitchen technology that uses the ovens fan to cook multiple dishes on 3/4 shelves, without the intermingling of flavours.



Pyrolytic Cleaning

Here the one button function takes the stress away from cleaning the oven.

At the touch of a button the oven heats to a temperature that means the fatty food deposits are burnt away.

Once this process has finished, simply wipe away the ash, subsequently leaving the oven cavity sparkling clean.

There are three settings to choose from, depending on how dirty the oven is.

Level 1 – Light

Level 2 – Medium

Level 3 – Intensive

This function is available on the Neff N70 Built in Oven 60cm Stainless Steel. 

Features & Functions

  • Prolyitic Cleaning – Fastest & most convenient way to clean oven.
  • Heats up to 500 degrees Celsius.
  • No chemical cleaners or scrubbers required
  • Also cleans Neff Prolyitic accessories, such as pans and roasting dishes.
  • Oven door locks until process has completed, including a cool down period.

Steam Cooking

The Neff ovens offer steam cooking functions which take cooking to the next level.

Vario Steam

The process works by injecting steam into the oven at different intervals and intensities during the cooking time. 

Consequently reducing cooking time by 25%, yet still producing crisp and tender interiors and also soft and fluffy cakes.

Circo Therm

These Neff ovens are packed full of modern technology to make cooking that much easier.

The Circo Therm option certianly does that.

Its unique hot air system is designed so that baking & roasting can happen at the same time.

Therefore sweet ad savory dishes can be cooked together.

It works by sealing the food quickly, making the most perfect cake and a moist chicken.

Full Steam

Cooking food gently without the loss of aroma, colour. Together with vitamins and minerals being retained.

Options on full steam are re-heat, dough proving and defrosting.

Neff Kitchen Appliances – Hobs

Venting Hobs

The Neff Kitchen Appliances venting hob allows for more space in the kitchen. Coupled with a powerful extractor with the Neff Hob.

The venting hob eliminates steam and odours at source, reducing the need for seperate extractor hood.

Including a stylish cast-iron grate over the hood that is slightly raised to prevent any water running into the ventalation module.

However, should any water run it will simply run down into the 2 litre cnotainer below.



Flex Induction Hobs

An induction hob that allows for free flow cooking. As a result of enlarged cooking spaces that are the length of the hob, the whole zone becomes a cooking canvas.

Above all available in a range of widths wth the choice of either twistpad or full touch control.



The Neff Venting hob has been certified by the world reknowned German SLG Institute. 

After extensive testing it has been certified that the air flow concept does not have any negative humidity impact on kitchen furniture.

” no critical moisture on kitchen furnitre during use of hob with downdraft ventalation system in recirculation mode for household appliance in rooms with well insulated exterior wall”


Gas Hobs

Instant and easy to control heat that for the most part spreads heat evenly across the botom of the pan.

The Neff Kitchen appliances range of gas hobs are functional and stylish, available in 4 or 5 burner options.

In a colour finish of black and also stainless steel.

Each gas hob is fitted with Flame Select, a function that controls the gas flow.

Furthermore, they are fitted with continuous cast iron supports for maximum stability.

Also an attractive designed knob that subsequently has a better feel and is easier to operate.

Neff Kitchen Appliances – Extractor Hoods


Usually part of the cooking experiences are the smells. However, some cooking smells are not that welcoming.

Therefore the installation of an extractor hood is a kitchen essential.

Neff offer a range of extractor hoods to suit all types of kitchen design.

Including but not limited to Chimney Hoods, Canopy hoods, Integrated hoods and ceiling installation.




Box Hoods

A large range of box hoods from Neff kitchen appliances .Available in stainless steel and also glass.

Extensive features on the box hoods make these a good choice for a busy kitchen.

  • Touch Control
  • Intensive Speed Settings
  • LED lighting
  • Reduced Noise
  • Dimmer Function
  • Interval Ventulation
  • Efficient Drive
  • Special Noise Insulation




Integrated Hoods

Discrete integrated hoods that fit neatly between two cabinets. Hiding behind a kitchen door when not in use.

Working with three speeds that clean the air.

Angled Hoods

For the most part made of black glass these extractor hoods become a design feature.

Designed to be coupled with the black glass induction ceramic hob range.

Advanced features include

  • Ambient Lighting
  • Efficient Drive
  • Touch Control
  • Intensive Speed Setting
  • Dimmer Function
  • LED lighting
  • Reduced Noise
  • Hob-Hood Control


Ceiling Cooker Hoods

Extractor hoods that fit with the kitchen ceiling. Freeing up space in the kitchen design.

Ideal for over hobs fitted on kitchen islands.

Impressive features include

  • Fully automatic hood
  • Hob Hood Control
  • Adjustable LED lighting
  • Dimmer Function
  • Remote Control
  • Special Noise insulation
  • Efficient Drive
  • Touch Control
  • Intensive speed setting
  • Interval ventulation

Worktop Hoods

No need to spoil the view or space wth a worktop extractor hood.

The downdraft hood is built into the worktop. Rises at the touch of a button, in addition to working quietly and effectiviely.

Three power levels controlled with the touch control panel.

In addition the worktop extractor hood can act as an automatic air freshner, running five inutes every hour.

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