Modern kitchen design has some clever kitchen storage solutions that are clever and are an effective use of the space available. Storage solutions that mean you no longer delve into the back of the cupboard in the hope that you can reach what you wanted. Kitchen storage solutions that banish the hop up from the kitchen to reach into the high cupboards.

Whatever size kitchen space you have, storage is a top priority.

To see these kitchen storage solutions in action, view our completed kitchen projects and get inspired.


Pull out larders are a great space saving storage solution. Also known a Space towers or Tandem Larders.

These are centre mounted to the units, which means that the items stored in the units are accessed from both sides. The perfect place to store for example wine bottles, fruit squashes, tins etc. Anything that is stored in a tall pantry unit is easily visible and accessible.

Spice Rack

 A smaller version of the space tower larder, the spice rack is fitted under the counter. Designed to hold spices, jars and other small goods.

Kitchen Storage Solutions | Fitted Kitchen | Meridien Interiors | Dorset

Corner Pull Out Units

The corner pull out unit is especially perfect for those spaces at the back of the cupboard. Where, for example items can be “lost” forever.

Items are stored on the unit and can be pulled out easily when needed.


Kitchen Storage Solutions | Fitted Kitchen | Meridien Interiors | Dorset

Integrated waste bins

By having integrated bins in your new kitchen design, waste is kept out of site and consequently frees up floor space.

There are many types and styles of integrated bins available, choose a design that fits accordingly with your kitchen needs.

Multiple compartments for integrated bins mean it is easier to keep up recycling requirements for the kitchen waste. For example, keeping food waste and plastic separate.

Kitchen Storage Solutions | Fitted Kitchen | Meridien Interiors | Dorset

iMove – Pull Out storage / shelving units

An award-winning kitchen storage solution that makes it especially easier to reach the higher kitchen cabinets.

The iMove means that the contents of the cupboard are pulled downwards and outwards in one fluid movement, therefore brining the top shelves into easier reach.

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