Kitchen Appliances

Your kitchen is so much more than the colour of the doors and worktops. Your kitchen is made up by 100s of different small features coming together to make a whole stunning space. We have had customers who have used the appliances in their kitchens to create an aesthetic. Look through some examples of what our designers have done with striking appliances and how they carry on a theme.

Classic Country Kitchen

This luxurious Deseo kitchen has a classic country vibe, the rich tones of the doors and worktops create a warm, homely feel. Our designers knew that a sleek modern oven would not suit the kitchens style. They decided to install a Hi-lite Rangemaster cooker. A fresh and modern design, this Rangemaster had been engineered to be functional and aesthetically pleasing. Features include a newly improved single piece hotplate resulting in increased pan space. Ordered in black its compliments the charcoal doors and the traditional hob and handles, reinforce the classic tone that runs throughout the kitchen.

Bold colour kitchen

This kitchen is obviously eye catching! The red worktop is the dominant feature of the room, along with the handleless doors it’s a very modern kitchen. So, our designers knew that a bulky, conventional raised hob, would not look right. Only the sleekest hob would do. So, the Caple C950i Induction Hob was chosen. It was flush mounted, and frameless meaning the sleek aesthetic of the kitchen is matched. It is functional as well with four induction zones with slide control.

Practical Kitchen

With this kitchen function was the most important thing. Every appliance had to have a purpose and be practical for this keen chef. The feature that is most prominent in the kitchen is the bank of ovens which have been centralised within tall housing. Using two double banks adjacent to one and other the two single ovens sit proud surrounded by two warming drawers (a must for any baker) and the coffee machine, an appliance that is becoming more and more popular. To keep the symmetry our designers have added a combination microwave, size matched to the coffee machine, for the ultimate balance.

A kitchen for entertaining

For this kitchen the focus was on entertaining. An open plan design was a must and the island fitted in well. The customer chose a double doored Caple dual zone wine cooler, and it was made a prominent feature but where it was placed. Facing outwards, the silver wine cooler looks stylish and modern. Instead of being hidden away on the side of the island, it has been used to create a contemporary feel in the bright airy kitchen.

Open Plan Kitchen

This kitchen is set in an open plan flat, it was important to give the kitchen its own definite space. The Island ceiling extractor helped to do that. While most extractors are flatbacked and flush to the roof, this beautiful curved glass hood stands prominent in the space. Providing both effective elimination of kitchen odours and a beautiful centrepiece to the room.

What you can do with your kitchen

So, if you are thinking of getting a new kitchen, get in touch with us. We can help you use your appliances to create a stunning, stylish kitchen.