Contemporary True Handleless Kitchen in Bournemouth

From Country to Contemporary in the blink of an eye (ok, not that quick but you get the gist!)

Contemporary True Handleless Kitchen

To being with the Meridien Interiors team were tasked to transform a tired country style kitchen to a clean unfussy modern kitchen. Above all a contemporary true handleless kitchen that suited the owners of the house down to a t!

Design Consultation

After the initial design consultation, the team were able to put together a fitted kitchen that met all the client’s requirements.  A fitted kitchen that needed some love put back into it. Above all a kitchen to become the heart of the home. With the clients and their family (including the cat) wanting to enjoy the open plan kitchen dining space again.

Kitchen Range

As a result of the  clients wanting the best in kitchen design. Meridien Interiors design team knew that the extensive range from Second Nature fitted kitchens would give them choices. A choice of fitted kitchen designs that will suit everyone, incedently even those that confess to OCD!

Second nature offer high quality kitchens made from high end materials from Europe.

The chosen fitted kitchen design is the Porter. A contemporary true handleless kitchen.The Porter fitted kitchen design is a simple slab door design, which means no handles. No handles hence no fuss. Similarly those clean lines desired by the clients are achieved.  The Porter fitted kitchen from Second Nature is ultra-modern in design . In this case has been finished in a Matt white colour in comparison to the glitzy countertop.

Kitchen Worktop

The chosen worktop is one of the best engineered quartz available on the market.

Teltos Statuario is an engineered quartz that gives you the look of marble yet none of the worries that comes with real marble. It is crushed at a higher pressure and fired at a higher temperature. Generally giving it an extra hardness, extra wearability and near total resistance to staining. Making it a perfect worktop choice for a busy family kitchen. To verify the top quality of this work-top the manufacturers especially examine each finished piece by hand. Subsequently any imperfections are noted.  This contemporary true handleless kitchen has been finished with beautiful worktop throughout. In addition a low-level splashback throughout the whole counter-top, increasing in size beind the Neff hob. Not only does the design of this stylish worktop meet with the clients approval, in this case it also compliments their pet cat!

Kitchen Appliances

As with all fitted kitchens they are not complete without the usual hob, oven and hidden appliances. This kitchen does not disappoint. Including in the overall design is the Neff Flex induction Hob. Together with the fitting of the angled chimney hood. Fitted alongside the hob is the Neff Oven and the Combi oven and microwave. Finally,not forgetting the fridge freezer installed nice and neatly behind the porter slab design handless door cabinets.

Kitchen Review

This kitchen transformation was a pleasure to be part of, and one of many that the team are proud to have in our catalogue of installed fitted kitchens…don’t just take our word for it…

Customer Says…

After visiting a bunch of ‘high end’ high street kitchen companies we were recommend Meridien Interiors. We visited their showroom to discuss what we wanted and straight away we knew this was the company. It was a family run company, so every single one of them genuinely cared about the service and product they were providing, you could feel the passion. They were super helpful, fun, yet professional and actually honest about what we needed to achieve the look and feel we wanted. Both my partner and I are not experts in the building industry so they could of easily sold us more than we needed but they didn’t.



After a few exchanges of emails and calls we had agreed on the perfect kitchen for us, exactly how we wanted it both in looks and functionality. They also provided us with a digital visual of the kitchen and it was incredible. So we were all set, deposits paid and waiting for fit out.

A few weeks down the line came to the fitting, now this is the part I am always sceptical about, as someone that has pretty bad OCD. Things have to be right, lines symmetrical and I honestly cannot put into words the care and time that was taken by the fitters on this job. They came early, they stayed late. They did not time watch, they did not leave anything that wasn’t right. If something was fitted but wasn’t 100% they simply removed it and got a brand new one out and re done it. We went for the handleless design so lots of lines and angles and every single one was adjusted and fitted with immense precision. All the lines completely match and have the same gap in every part of the kitchen. It was heaven for someone like me with OCD.

In Conclusion

Honestly, I wouldn’t go anywhere else for anything interior based. Whether it be kitchens, bedrooms, TV units etc. These guys deliver and are the real deal. They care about the finished product and customer satisfaction over the money.”

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