Fitted bedroom wardrobes in Bournemouth
Fitted wardrobes are the perfect solution to enhance the storage capabilities of your bedroom

Meridien Interiors take on all types of interior projects. One of our most recent completed projects has been the design, supply, and installation of fitted bedrooms in Bournemouth.

The bedroom tends to be the last room that gets completed when doing a house renovation. It may be the last room to be completed, but style and functionality will not be forgotten.

Bedroom Storage

Fitted wardrobes are the perfect solution to enhance the storage capabilities of your bedroom. Especially when you have the realisation of the amount of clothes and shoes you must store in a single wardrobe.

A free-standing wardrobe can take up more space than it can offer in storage. Which is where fitted wardrobes become a viable option. A fitted wardrobe makes the most of the space available in the room. Using the full height and length of the room. Even turning awkward spaces into a workable space.

Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes

Completeing the fitted bedrooms in Bournemouth included the design, supply, and installation of his and hers matching fitted wardrobes. With the Meridien Interiors design team creating a space that is tailored to its owners.
Taking up the full wall on one side of the bedroom, you will find two full floor to ceiling wardrobes. Each wardrobe space offering a range of clothing storage options.

Shelving has been installed for folded items of clothing. Hanging rails both at the top and halfway for hanging clothing items in each fitted wardrobe.

Using the full height of the room for these fitted wardrobes, means that there is plenty of storage space utilised. Consequently it means space available at the top of each wardrobe for more storage.

Maximising the space along the bedroom wall, is a media unit and drawers.
With the drawers providing even more storage for the clients clothing.
Above the drawer unit, clients have had fitted electric points. So then this space isideal for media items, such as the television.

Designing the fitted wardrobes incorporating the media unit, means that the space has been utilised to its full. Subsequently making the most of all the space available. Keeping the flow of the room. With bulky items that could take over the room being kept out of the way and the main eyeline.

Mirrored Wardrobe Doors

Finishing off the fitted bedrooms in Bournemouth are sliding mirrored doors. As a result of including mirrored doors, the design team have yet again saved space within the whole bedroom area. With sliding mirrored doors on the fitted wardrobes there is no need for a free-standing mirror. Incendentally,an additional benefit of mirrored wardrobe doors is that they help create an illusion of more space. They also help illuminate the room with reflecting light.

In summary incorporating fitted wardrobes into your bedroom space is an easy way to enhance the storage possibilities of your bedroom.

Meridien Interiors offer full design, supply, and installation of fitted wardrobes.
Meet with our design team to discuss creating your fitted bedrooms in Bournemouth, a space that can become your oasis of calm with fitted wardrobes keeping your clothes and other possessions organised and out of the way.

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