Second Nature Handleless Porter Kitchen in Ferndown Dorset, ovens in full height units scribed to ceiling.

Second Nature Handleless Kitchen in Ferndown, Dorset

A Modern Handleless Kitchen for a Modern New Build Property in Ferndown


This true handleless kitchen in Ferndown features complementary yet contrasting door styles to achieve this ultra modern look. The unique design was created by mixing kitchen doors from two different manufacturer’s. The doors chosen were Second Nature Porter doors, a smooth gloss Dove Grey kitchen cabinet door. And the Burbidge Otto Concrete kitchen door, with a matt textured finish. Proving opposites do attract.

In kitchen design contrast is usually achieved with extreme variations in the colour palette of the kitchen doors or features. Which is a natural place to start to introduce visual interest. Examples include black and white tiles, or feature splash backs in bright colours set in white kitchens. Contrast highlights features and draws attention, where as groups of similarly coloured and finished items can be boring and bland if over done. Which is very easy to do in large family kitchens such as this.

Whilst the kitchen door colours are different they aren’t actually significantly different enough to achieve the accent our kitchen designer was aiming for. So in this instance the contrast was created with the door styles and finishes instead. We think this kitchen in Ferndown achieves a perfect blend of clean and modern, with a hint of the industrial.


The smooth true handleless Second Nature Porter doors were used in the main area of the kitchen. Including on the peninsular island, base units on the wall to the front and side. In addition to the wall units along the side wall of the kitchen. These are complemented by the highly polished industrial looking quartz work top which wraps over the kitchen peninsular island and runs to the floor.

Lighting is provided by spot lights under the wall units and colour changing recessed LED strip lighting recessed into the worktop. Both of which enhance and highlight the smooth gloss surface of the Second Nature Porter kitchen doors and the worktop. Further differentiating the contrasting styles of door.

The rear full height tall wall kitchen units house the ovens, fridge and freezer. All of which are Neff. The doors on these contrast the smooth clean lines of the main area of the kitchen by virtue of the rough textured concrete colour doors by Burbidge.

In the base units on the side wall sits a Neff induction hob and the extraction unit is discreetly concealed above int he wall units. So as not to break up the clean lines of the kitchen. Induction hobs are perfect for families, this is because with induction cooking the heat is generated directly within the cookware. Not directly from the hob as in gas cooking. So only residual heat from pans will remain on the hob top making it cool to the touch when on (unless a pan has recently been moved from the same spot).

Bespoke looks such as this can only be achieved when your kitchen designer has knowledge of, and availability to a wide range of different manufacturers’ kitchen doors, and appliances. Meridien Interiors are proud to be independent kitchen retailers and as such have no strict guidelines to work to, this enables us to plan and design well thought out functional kitchens with gorgeous and unique looks.

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