Second Nature are one of the leading independent kitchen brands in the UK. Their designers scour the world for the latest innovations in materials, shape and textures. Second Nature have a high level of customer service and make sure their kitchens are the best. Take a look at all the Second Nature kitchens we supply below.


Smooth and clean


Avant is a smooth, flat slab door design available in a wide range of different colours.

Let your imagination take over with this versatile door and use a contrast of colours to tailor your kitchen around your lifestyle.




Avilon is a classic shaker style door that can be adapted to suit any kitchen environment by implementing small, simple changes such as handles or worktops.

Create a look bespoke to your own tastes with this versatile Ivory door using it in any home from town to country.


Subtle shaker


Broadoak is a hugely popular shaker range available in a variety of different colours, from the understated Ivory and neutral Partridge Grey to the light washed timber effect of the Rye.


This allows you the freedom to go lighter or a bit darker with your interior design.




Coleridge is a truly versatile style of shaker door with wide rails and grain detailing. Offered in 32 different colours, you really can design your kitchen to suit your taste.


Features are welcome in this Coleridge kitchen, whether that be a strategically placed wine rack for convenience, glazed units to break up a run of cupboards or an open spice rack.




This elegantly styled timber door has subtle detail in its shaker style, from solid timber pilasters to mantels and corbels.


Available in Natural Oak or 32 painted colours, this door is well suited to formal period interiors and country kitchens.





The solid timber door frame and panel and knotty oak finish of the Croft door provide natural charm and and a warm welcome to any country kitchen setting.


A lasting kitchen for years to come.






Fitzroy is a classic shaker style door with a smooth painted finish. With its framed end panels and cornice detail, this kitchen is the epitome of a classic shaker.


Versatility; simple choices such as handles and worktops can give this typically traditional shaker door a modern twist. Available in 32 colours.





Smooth, clean and seamless. The simplicity of the Inzo slab door and the lacquered finish makes for quick and easy cleaning. If you’re looking for a modern, highly functional kitchen, the Inzo door is just what you are looking for.


Available in a matte or gloss finish with a choice of 20 different colours to fully customize your kitchen.





Langham is a solid timber door with broad rails and a typical shaker design.


Its ever-lasting style will ensure you years of happiness in your new kitchen.


Available in 32 colours allowing you to fully customize the look of your kitchen to your desire.


raw knotty oak

Lyndon is the epitome of a country life. The shaker style door coupled with the wide rails make this kitchen door distinguishable from a typical town house.


A simple change of handle choice can give many different looks to this simple raw knotty oak door.





Milbourne is a typical shaker style door with a chunky frame and textured finish.


Featured clear or smoked glazed cabinets are an ideal addition for displaying your favourite crockery set with plate racks, open shelving and pantries also giving you further storage.


The Milbourne door can be adapted to suit and environment using the on trend Partridge Grey in a contemporary kitchen setting or a Stone for a modern country aesthetic.


With 32 colours to choose from, you really can make your kitchen design your own.




This simple shaker inspired door is set in a solid timber frame with an understated in-frame design radiating elegance and finesse.


A range of handle and worktop choices allow this classic shaker door to leave the past behind.


Choose from a colour palette of 32 for a completely customised look.



modern classic

The ash grain of the Mornington shaker door is brought to life with an understated painted finish to offer a truly modern classic look.


An elegant quarter round bead feature gives an extra level of detailing producing an enduring presence.







A sleek slab door available in both matte and gloss finishes, ideal for creating a modern look.


Porter is the perfect door for accessorising your kitchen to your hearts content. Whether you choose a stone, real wood or laminate worktop in a light or dark colour, Porter will have a door to bring your dream kitchen to life.





Remo is a lacquered handleless door range available in 20 matte and gloss colours. The integrated handle allows effortless opening of doors whilst maintaining a streamlined, uncluttered look.


Remo’s lighter colours can be matched with the harmonizing darker shades such as Graphite.




Smooth Clean Lines

Tomba is a handleless kitchen with a difference. The eye-catching aluminium rail can be manufactured in many different colours to match the door colour choice you make. It is so easy to get your fingers on the rail for effortless opening of your cabinets, and adds a stunning visual aesthetic to the kitchen.


With a colour palette of 20 in either matte or gloss, you can fully customize the look.


The slow curve adds a superior feel to any kitchen space.



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