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Siemens Kitchen Appliances


Siemens over a range of ovens in shapes and sizes that are designed to fit individual design concepts.

It is important to realise that built in ovens make a strong visual impact with their sleek modern design.

Equally important are the cooking features. Features that bring ease and joy back into cooking.

  • Fast Pre-heat
  • activeClean
  • pulseSteam
  • Home Connect
  • roasting Sensorplus
  • TFT Touch Displays
  • 4D Hot Air
  • Soft move
  • Remote Diagnostics
  • Light Control
  • 3D Hot Air
  • ecoClean
  • cookControl 10
  • varioSpeed
  • coolStart
Siemens Kitchen Appliances | Dorset | Meridien Interiors | Fitted Kitchens

Cook Control Plus

Not only an oven but also a cookbook. This innovative cooking feature provides individual setting recommendations for perfect results everytime.

To use simply select the dish and enter the weight, leaving the oven to do the rest.

4D Hot Air

Here is a function that allows for flexible cooking, no matter which shelf food is cooked on.

4D hot air technology enables the fan to distribute hot air throughout the oven evenly.

TFT Touch Display

A user friendly menu with easy to use touch navigation.

Set the menu to fit the households cooking habits.

Fast Pre-heat

Speed up cooking without using more energy. The Fast pre-heat settings takes the oven up to 175 degrees Celsius in just five minutes.

Cool Start

Kitchen technology that means frozen food can be prepared without pre-heating the oven in the first place.



Siemens Kitchen Appliances – Hobs


Induction Hobs

Stylish, streamlined with sleek design.

Siemens Induction hobs generate heat when and only where it is needed.

Heat is generated in the pans instantly and stop as quickly when the hob is turned off.


  • Home Connect
  • Cooking Sensor Plus
  • powerMove Pro
  • Shorter Heating times
  • Frying Sensor Plus
  • Flex Induction Plus

Power Move Plus

In brief this Siemens hob feature seperates the hob into three different zones.

Simple and easy to use, with each individual zone activated by placing the pans on them.

Siemens Kitchen Appliances | Dorset | Meridien Interiors | Fitted Kitchens
Siemens Kitchen Appliances | Dorset | Meridien Interiors | Fitted Kitchens

Flex Induction Plus

Here is modern kitchen technology that allows for adjustable cooking zones.

Next to the traditionally placed cooking zones there are rectangular induction zones that combine to increase the surface cooking area. Therefore, being able to place pans wherever on the hob.

Cooking Sensor Plus

As a result of attaching a sensor to the pot. The hob and the pot communicate with each other via blutooth. Keeping the temperature consistent.

Frying Sensor Plus

Before this innovative feature, burnt fired food could be a common occurrence.

With the addition of the frying sensor plus technology the desired heat for frying is maintained. Therefore, avoiding the scorching of food.

Siemens Kitchen Appliances | Dorset | Meridien Interiors | Fitted Kitchens

Gas Hobs

Traditional open flame cooking coupled with modern design.

Choose between ceramic , tempered glass or stainless steel for the hob surface in addition to enamelled cast iron pan supports.


  • Step Flame technology
  • Precise Heat Control
  • Dishwasher Proof Pan Supports
  • High Quality Materials


Venting Hobs

Induction hobs coupled with an integrated ventilation unit.

With attention to design and functionality there are three position options for the Siemens Venting Hobs. These are to the left or right side of the cooktop of behind.

Designed to be energy efficient and operating quietly. In addition to sucking out the unwanted cooking smells.

Generally venting hobs are an ideal fit for kitchen islands, and open plan living spaces.

Siemens Kitchen Appliances – Hoods

Island Chimney Hoods

For the most part a kitchen island is a design feature in any kitchen.

The island chimney hoods range from Siemens adds to that design feature.

The hoods are connected to the ceiling by a duct positioned right over the island.


  • Quiet high performance motor
  • cook Connect
  • Climate control sensor
  • Home Connect
  • Intensive settings
  • LED Lights


Siemens Kitchen Appliances | Dorset | Meridien Interiors | Fitted Kitchens
Siemens Kitchen Appliances | Dorset | Meridien Interiors | Fitted Kitchens

Wall Mounted Hoods

Ordinarily a wall mounted oven hood can be a forgetten aspect of the kitchen design.

In this case Siemens have designed a range of wall mounted hoods that create a statement.

Matching the designs of the other Siemens Kitchen Appliances, with the chrome lines and black glass.


  • Quiet high performance motor
  • Cook Connect
  • Emotion light pro
  • Home Connect
  • LED lights
  • Intensive setting
  • Touch Control


Siemens Kitchen Appliances – Coffee Machines

Siemens offer a range of coffee machines that fit seamlessly into the overall kitchen design.

In the even of choosing the built in coffee machine worktop space is free from kitchen appliance clutter. 

Enjoy coffee indulgence with bean to cup technology.


  • aRoma double shot – double grinding & brewing process
  • auto Milk Clean – fully automated steam cleaning
  • Coffee Sensor system – grinding each bean variety to perfect quantity.
  • Touch button operation


Siemens Kitchen Appliances | Dorset | Meridien Interiors | Fitted Kitchens
Siemens Kitchen Appliances | Dorset | Meridien Interiors | Fitted Kitchens

Siemens Kitchen Appliances – Fridge Freezers

Siemens have a range of high tech fridge freezers that subsequently can be installed seamlessly behind kitchen doors.

Including modern features that make these Siemens appliances stand out in performance from the rest.


  • Hyper Fresh – keeping food fresher for longer.
  • noFrost – Preventing icing, no more defrosting.
  • LED Lighting – bright and even interiors lighting.
  • superCooling – quickly cooling down food items
  • superFreezing – quickly freezing newly added food items.


Siemens Kitchen Appliances – Dishwashers

Above all Siemens dishwashers are designed to make life that much easier.

For example thanks to practical solutions such as height adjustable side parts and foldable flip lines, everything has a place.

Built in dishwashers, blending seamlessly into the kitchen unit with the adjustable base and flush closing front.

The control elements of the integrated Siemens dishwasher are located in the top edge of the door. Therefore, they are unseen until the door is opened.

With the free standing dishwashers, attractively designed with a worktop, base and side walls all in the same colour.

Generally looking good with no need to be hidden in a recess.


  • Zeolith drying technology.
  • emotion Light.
  • Special Glass Care.
  • varioSpeed.


Siemens Kitchen Appliances | Dorset | Meridien Interiors | Fitted Kitchens
Siemens Kitchen Appliances | Dorset | Meridien Interiors | Fitted Kitchens
Siemens Kitchen Appliances | Dorset | Meridien Interiors | Fitted Kitchens

Zeolith Drying Technology

In comparison to other dishwashers, the Siemens fitted with Zeolith offer quick and efficient drying time.

Zeolith is a natural mineral that absorbs moisture and converts it to a thermal heat. Thereby drying the contents of the dishwasher quicker.


In short this lighting illuminates the entire interior of the dish washer. With the LED lights at the top of the door frae it bathes the contents of the dishwasher in a cool blue or white light. The lighting switching on and off when the door is opened and closed.

Special Glass Care

Singularly designed so that fin glassware is sparkling for a much longer time.

In the first place it cleans the glasses thoroughly and carefully at low temperatures. Finally a drying phase that has been extended for extra gentle drying.


Dishwashing technology that enables up to 3 times faster washing and drying time.

As a result of selecting the varioSpeed button, dishes are sparkling clean and dry in a shorter time period.


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