Find your perfect sink.

At Meridien, we offer the right sinks to suit your kitchen. Whether you have chosen a traditional or modern look, we have the sink to suit your needs.


From Ceramic or Granite and Stainless Steel or Glass, the range of sinks available is wide-ranging.


All the sinks we offer are top quality and at the very best prices. 


With a huge variety of brands to offer, you may be surprised at the wide range of sinks that are available. Browse the links to see more.


Inset Sinks


An inset sink is designed for kitchens with laminate worktops. This is a very typical method of installation, the worktop will be prepared and cut-out so that the sink will very simply sit into the cut-out. The range of different style inset sinks is very extensive so when using an inset sink, you dont have to see it as boring!


Undermounted Sinks

Undermounted sinks are designed and used for solid kitchen surfaces, Granite, Quartz etc. They are installed underneath the surface and the worktop will be mounted on top. As they are set under the counter, there is a seamless finish between the sink and worktop. Draining grooves cut out of the worksuface are very popular with this sink and give a pleasant finish.

Ceramic Sinks

Ceramic sinks are solid, characteristic sinks which are very strong and hardwearing, This makes them popular in both kitchens and bathrooms. Ceramic sinks are versatile, so they can be inset or undermounted depending on what your needs are.

Traditional Sinks

Traditional sinks are commonly known as Butler, Belfast or Farmhouse sinks. These are classic, open and usually much deeper than modern sinks. They are very practical, vast and functional. You can choose to have just one single bowl or two large bowls so no matter the size you will find the right choice for your kitchen space. There are lots of options so you don’t need a farmhouse for this sink.