Find the perfect taps for your kitchen

Choosing the right tap is an important part of your kitchen design. Whether you choose a traditional brass tap to a modern chrome tap, the tap needs to be right for your needs.

With many choices and colours to choose from, such as a single control, dual control or spray tap, a boiling water or filtered water tap, the range is expansive. 

All the taps we offer are top quality and at the very best prices. 

With a huge variety of brands to offer, you may be surprised at the wide range of taps that are available. Browse the links to see more.

Puriti Taps


The Puriti tap has been cleverly designed so that it will deliver ordinary hot and cold running water the same as any other tap but they have added an extra feature. There is a either a third lever or an integrated design in the standard tap which will supply pure, clear and filtered water from the turn of a tap. The filtration system is hidden under your kitchen sink unit and replacing this is extremely simple. The Puriti tap will help prevent any limescale build-up damage. 

Pull-out taps

The pull-out tap have been specifically created and designed with the consumer in mind. Every cook loves to experiment with new techniques and tastes but we all know preparation is key. They work on the principle of a single lever tap with hot and cold functions but they have a button on the side of the spray head which if you press it will deliver a spray or jet of water. Perfect for rinsing plates & crockery, washing vegetables and easy reach to heavy pans.

Single Control Tap

Single control taps are adaptable and easy to use. Everything is controlled by the one tap, moving it up and down for pressure or left or right for temperature. There are endless different styles of single control taps so whatever design your kitchen is, you will be certain to have a tap to match perfectly.

Dual Control Tap

Dual control taps are a personal preference. They are designed hot to the left and cold to the right. All the designs vary, whether it be round or square, ceramic or stainless steel. You can chose whatever you preference is, modern, classis or cool there is something for you.