True Handleless kitchens are the fast becoming the most popular style of kitchen around.

Don’t worry, you will be able to open the doors! A lot of people are attracted to a handleless kitchen because of the smooth clean look. A ‘true handleless’ style is created through recessing a solid stainless steel channel into the top line of the cabinet. This creates a gap for your fingers between the top of the door (or drawer) and the underside of a worktop. Your fingers curl around the surface edge and onto the back of the door or drawer, pulling it forwards to open. The benefit of grabbing the back of the door is you don’t need to touch the front, so there shouldn’t be any finger marks!

There are many different true handleless kitchens you can choose from, including ranges from Second Nature and Multiwood. The Second Nature range includes Porter and Parker. The Porter door is a sleek slab door available in both matte and gloss finishes, perfect for creating a modern feel. You can choose a stone, real wood or laminate worktop in a light or dark colour. Porter can fit in any kitchen, whether you want to create the look of open space, or have a cost warm feel.

And Parker is a modern slab door, you can choose between a handle or rail to give your kitchen a modern or traditional feel. With a matte finish, you can create a smooth finish and sleek look. You can pick from other colours to match the scheme of your kitchen. With innovative storage solutions this kitchen is both practical and attractive.

There is also the Cosdon True Handleless range from Multiwood; Cosdon is a beautiful handleless, modern kitchen. The possibilities are endless with a wide variety of doors available, it offers complete personalisation. Which enables you to create the kitchen of your dreams. Available in matte and gloss, you can experiment with different textures and finishes.

There are so many benefits to having a True Handleless kitchen, apart from the streamlined, modern look. It’s not just a visual effect, it’s also a physical one, since the lack of handles frees up more of the kitchen compared with a handled design. Theres not going to be mountains of space with the lack of handles but, it’s enough for a more comfortable and efficient working environment, with maximum room for manoeuvre. This style also means for the more clumsy of you out there (myself included!) there is nothing sticking out for you to bang your hips or arms on! You can also avoid nasty accidents involving small children’s heads, on door handles. Another benefit for parents is there are no handles for children to grab hold of and hang from!

If you would like a True Handleless kitchen for your home then you can check out our entire range by clicking here. Or alternatively you can view our Kitchun site by clicking here.